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We provide a second home for aging adults and disabled individuals, who require assistance with day-to-day activities and are looking for a place to heal.


Physical Therapy

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Individuals who have problems with their mobility, such as those who are recovering from injuries or disability, can take advantage of the physical therapy services that are offered by Hamden Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Some of the objectives that our physical therapy services can help you with include:

  • regaining the functionality of your affected body parts
  • improving balance and body coordination
  • improving gait

We are only a call away to answer your queries. Give us a call at 740-384-3485 to start our therapy sessions with you.

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We are excited to meet you and render our full services. Please take time to delve further into the services that we offer.

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Hamden Nursing and Rehabilitation

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We are servicing the entire state of Ohio.

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